The Restaurant

The motto "Love, Eat, Drink and Sing" painted on the exterior and at the entrance to the restaurant expresses the ambiance of the premises: five rooms, with one shared atmosphere!

One of the most beautiful frontages in Paris

The signs were painted by the artist Lucien Helle, using the "verre églomisé" technique with gold letters on black glass.

Lucien Helle is one of the few artists in the world who still know how to use the technique invented by Jean-Baptiste Glomy, framer to the Kings Louis XV and Louis XVI, which consists of fixing a thin layer of gold leaf beneath a piece of glass, then drawing on the glass in dry point.

As for the panels on the Rue des Saules façade, they were created by the famous street artist Ariane Pasco from the Nice Art group, to illustrate the house motto "Love, Eat, Drink and Sing".

Two outside terraces

frame the restaurant: one perched on the side of the hill on the Rue des Saules, and the other in front of the restaurant on the Rue Saint Rustique, with a view of the Sacré Cœur.


the warm and homely setting of La Bonne Franquette evokes the Montmartre of old and the painters who used to frequent it, as well as the wine-growing regions of France.

La Bonne Franquette terraces

Le Bistrot de la Bonne Franquette

30 to 40 people

An original tin bar recalls the people who used to lean on it: Aristide Bruant, Yvette Guilbert and Valentin the Boneless. The Bistro boasts tables sporting the escutcheons of vineyards, wood panelling and reverse glass paintings depicting the wine-growing regions of France painted by Robert Patier, who came 2nd in the 1942 Rome Grand Prix. Situated at the entrance to the restaurant, the Bistro welcomes people dropping in for a drink, a snack or a meal.

La Cave de La Bonne Franquette

10 to 20 people

Accessed from the terrace on Rue Saint Rustique overlooking the Sacré Cœur, this "cellar" is a small area dedicated to wine tastings. These can be held seated indoors, standing at the bar or on the terrace.

It’s not unusual to meet artists from La Butte taking a break there: history repeating itself. …

Cabaret : Salle Aristide Bruant

70 to 90 people

So named in honour of the famous singer-songwriter in the black hat, cape and red scarf, who appeared there at the beginning of the last century, the Aristide Bruant Room is very famous in Montmartre for its gaiety and its warm welcome. Many celebrations, banquets and other functions are held in simple style on its long tables with their red and white checked tablecloths. Often the pianist and singer Dany entertains, charming guests with his wide repertoire of Parisian and Montmartre songs. Guests can put in requests for their favourite songs and even sing along!

Garden: La Guinguette

50 to 70 people

Named after the painting that Van Gogh painted there, La Guinguette is arranged around an old lime tree. The room boasts a mural representing the old heathland of Montmartre, and is suitable for aperitifs, cocktail parties and receptions, but also meals.

The Terrace

Walkers can enjoy the sunshine on La Butte on our terrace when the good weather arrives.

This little cobbled street, Rue Saint Rustique, is also one of the highest in Paris.

Planning an event?
La Bonne Franquette is an original and welcoming place to hold your celebrations, family parties, professional events etc.