Montmartre and us

Community life in Montmartre goes back a very long way and is very active.

La Bonne Franquette has always been involved in it.

Associations and folklore are very active in Montmartre

Along with the gallery owner André Roussard, it set up and developed the Montmartre Tourist Information Office. La République de Montmartre has based its headquarters here. La Bonne Franquette is a member of the Commanderie du Clos Montmartre and a member of the local community action committee.

In this context, the restaurant regularly hosts lunches for the P'tits Poulbots, thus perpetuating a tradition started by Francisque Poulbot, who opened a clinic for Montmartre's needy children in 1920.

The P'tits Poulbots are a symbol of Montmartre's folklore. To this day, they parade through the streets of Montmartre dressed in infantry costumes from 1813. Under the direction of Joël Benhayoun, they wield their drumsticks and tambourines to entertain many local festivities with their drum rolls. Along with other volunteers, their President, Joëlle Leclercq, does all she can to continue the tradition begun in Poulbot's time.

Les ptits poulbots et Michou à la BF

La République de Montmartre

Since its foundation in 1921 by the leading Montmartre artists, painters and draughtsmen, La République de Montmartre has pursued cultural and charity initiatives. In the spirit of Poulbot, Willette, Forain, Neumont and Joë Bridge, and thanks to the voluntary commitment of its members, citizens, MPs, consuls, ambassadors and ministers, it brings together visual artists, literary figures and musicians in aid of disadvantaged children.

La République de Montmartre is the guardian of Montmartre traditions. Its members sport a red scarf, black cape and black hat, as famously worn by Aristide Bruant and immortalised by Toulouse-Lautrec. Clinging to the slopes of its village, this great and large institution is custodian of the rebellious and human spirit that built the legend of Montmartre, while upholding its motto: "Do good with joy!"

Photo: La République de Montmartre

Le Clos Montmartre and la Commanderie du Clos Montmartre

Le Clos Montmartre is a plantation of 1900 vines covering 1556 square metres. Here 27 kinds of vine grow together, 75% of which are Gamay and Pinot Noir. The vineyard also includes Seibel, Merlot, Sauvignon blanc, Gewurztraminer and Riesling, among others. Every year, the vineyard's oenologist, Madame XX, produces around 1,700 50 cl bottles. Their labels are designed each year by an artist from Montmartre.

All this Montmartre wine needed was a brotherhood of wine-lovers to promote its qualities throughout France and abroad! La Commanderie du Clos Montmartre was set up in 1983 to promote the wine. It has 200 members. The vineyard's production is very limited. The Commanderie sells it at cost price – €45 – in aid of social organisations run by the local council, thus continuing the work of Francisque Poulbot.

Clos Montmartre bâtisse
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