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Danny the pianist charms audiences at La Bonne Franquette

He's impeccably dressed, with a luminous smile and an attentive gaze.
Danny has been playing, singing and entertaining at La Bonne Franquette every night since 2010.

Liked by all, he uses his talent as a singer and pianist to please customers. He feels all the emotions in the room, and knows how to adapt his repertoire to his audience discreetly and with finesse.

Danny says :


« I am a musician, and I love what I do. I was born in Roubaix, where I started learning the piano at the age of 8, with my father as my first teacher. I was brought up on the sound of Luis Mariano's voice. My father was a huge fan of his. After a lot of work, and a lot of practice, I went to Paris at the age of 21. By luck, I got to meet the great tenor, Rudy Hirigoyen. He auditioned me and engaged me as a pianist in his famous singing school. Soon he was giving me lessons there to perfect my voice.

Then I started working in cabarets, where I accompanied the music-hall artists of the time. At the Villa d’Este, I accompanied François Deguelt, who showed me the ropes.

I also played in Parisian luxury hotels, Le Scribe then Le Meurice, where I worked for six years. There I rubbed shoulders with a clientèle of businessmen, politicians and actors. One night at Le Scribe, I played before Sir Elton John, who congratulated me. I was very touched by that ...

I also played the theme tune to "Borsalino" before Alain Delon. I played for him at the party he threw in 2007, at the Berkeley, to mark his last appearance at the Théâtre Marigny.

For the last six years, I've been appearing in this magical spot, La Bonne Franquette. I love these romantic, nostalgic Montmartre evenings, showcasing popular songs. France has a huge wealth of song. Often, the guests come up to the piano and sing. I like to put the audience in the spotlight.

To give pleasure is my greatest pleasure. »

In the tradition of Montmartre, Danny may be accompanied by an accordionist.

Things to see near the restaurant
La Bonne Franquette is located in the historic heart of Old Montmartre: all the interesting places to visit are just a few minutes' walk away!