General Conditions of Sale

Unless there is a written agreement signed by both parties departing from these terms and conditions of service, these terms shall automatically apply and these alone shall govern the services provided by La Bonne Franquette. Only the specific agreement clauses signed with the client can complete, specify or contravene these present conditions of service.

The prices are given in Euros and include VAT. Meals are quoted and prepared on a per person basis.
For private hire of a function room or the restaurant, or for additional services, prices are fixed. The applicable prices are those that are in effect at the moment of the reservation. However, if the reservation is made more than ten months before the date of the service, La Bonne Franquette reserves the right to apply the prices in effect at the time of the service. It is up to the client to evaluate if the price suits them by accepting its fixed nature at the time of the reservation. No disputes about the price of the service will be taken into consideration at any later date.

Confirmation of reservation
All requests for a reservation shall form the object of a business proposal or a quote given by La Bonne Franquette setting the terms and conditions of service, specifying the details of the service or services requested, the date of providing the service and the price. Once the client confirms their wish to make the reservation, a pro-forma invoice shall be sent to them. The booking shall only be confirmed after La Bonne Franquette has received a deposit of 70% of the price of the service including VAT, accompanied by the business proposal or quote duly signed and clearly marked with 'approved', with the terms and conditions of service initialled. However, La Bonne Franquette reserves the right to ask for 100% of the price including VAT to confirm the reservation.
If the deposit is not received within ten days of the business proposal or quote being issued by La Bonne Franquette, then the request for reservation shall be null and void without further formalities.
The same applies if La Bonne Franquette is unable to pay in the deposit on receipt. The only obligation on the part of La Bonne Franquette shall be to notify the client of non-collection.

Confirmation of menu
The business proposal or quote may include a choice between various menus. In order to serve the guests as well as possible, the client must indicate their definitive choice one week before the service at the latest. After this time period, La Bonne Franquette cannot guarantee to serve certain foods or wines on the menu and the client shall accept the choice made by La Bonne Franquette, without the option of cancelling their reservation for this reason.
For groups, in the interests of satisfying guests at the point of service, the same menu shall be served to everyone, except to people who have indicated a week in advance that they have any food intolerance.

Partial cancellation of the number of guests

The client must confirm the final number of guests at the very latest three days before the service is to take place.

Changes to the number of guests up to three days before the date of the service :

  • If the number of guests being cancelled is less than 10% of the total number of guests, the client will be billed based on the number of confirmed guests;
  • In the event of cancellation of more than 10% of the number of participants, for the number of participants cancelled, the client shall be invoiced the amount of the deposit collected per guest.

Any change made 3 days or less before the date of the service shall be ineffective: the price initially agreed shall by payable in full, no matter how many participants may cancel or fail to attend on the day of the service.

A superior number of guests to that provided during the booking

    The client must confirm the final number of guests at the very latest three days before the service is to take place. Attendance by extra guests shall be subject to the prior agreement of La Bonne Franquette, who may oppose their attendance at their discretion, for reasons of quality of service or the premises' official reception capacity. La Bonne Franquette shall not become liable and the client may not use the circumstances as a reason to cancel or change their reservation.
    Should they be accepted, an extra charge shall be invoiced amounting to the number of extra guests on the basis of the unit price including VAT agreed in the business proposal or quote.

Cancellation by La Bonne Franquette
La Bonne Franquette may disengage from its obligations or suspend performance of them, without being liable for any indemnity except reimbursement of the price paid, should there transpire any event beyond its control that hinders its normal operations, such as complete or partial striking of its suppliers, subcontractors or carriers, interruption of transportation, energy or raw material supplies or in the event of any other unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure (such as war, riots, protests, disasters affecting the restaurant facilities and/or its supplies) to which the first events are formally equivalent.

Provision of the service
On the day of the service, the guests must arrive at the restaurant at the agreed time. In the event of guests being late, the restaurant reserves the right to keep the guests waiting. If guests are over an hour late, the reservation will no longer be guaranteed.
No complaints regarding the provision of the service will be received after this date.

Additional services not included in the business proposal or quote
Any additional services that are not included in the reservation, for example drinks or dishes, will feature on an additional bill, to be paid on the same day the service takes place.

Responsibility of the client
The client is deemed to have purchased liability insurance for any potential damages caused by their guests at the time the service takes place, whether the damage is inflicted on other guests who are present or the restaurant's property. The client will be the only responsible party for all losses, breakages or damages that may be caused by their guests to the property or equipment that belongs to the restaurant, or those that are made available to the client through a rental agreement.
Under no circumstances does La Bonne Franquette take any responsibility in the case of any damage or theft of valuables, handbags, wallets, clothing, etc. that belong to the guests, or any goods that are left in the rooms. In the event that the client brings their own electrical equipment (sound, lighting etc.), then the latter shall be solely responsible for doing so and must take into consideration the restrictions (particularly as regards neighbours) and the technical limits of installing them in the restaurant. At all events, the client shall remain solely responsible for any damage or nuisance that installing the equipment may cause, or any damage to the equipment or theft of same. For safety reasons, the use of candles and sparklers is not permitted.

Methods of payment
Payment of the balance of the price shall be made upon presentation of the invoice, on the same day as the service. Additional services shall also be invoiced on the same day and must be paid in person at the end of the service.
Any pending amounts that have not been paid by the due date stated on the bill shall automatically and without prior notice result in late payment penalties equal to one and a half times the legal interest rate.
Any dispute regarding billing will only be taken into account in the eight days following the date of the invoice.

Payment by Voucher or coupon
Payment by Voucher is only applicable to companies under contract with La Bonne Franquette.
The guide or tour leader of the group will present La Bonne Franquette with a voucher that corresponds to the order. No modifications to said voucher will be accepted without prior approval from the restaurant management. All 'extras' must be paid in person on the day of the service.

Assignment of jurisdiction
Upon the failure of an amicable settlement of any dispute or disagreement regarding the interpretation or application of these terms and conditions, the courts of Paris will have exclusive jurisdiction.

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